Need to Move Your Car?

If you need to ship your car, then 123Movers can connect you with qualified Auto Shippers near you. Just fill out the form below or call us at  to get free moving estimates from Auto Shippers in your area.

Here's What You Need to Know About Auto Shippers

Beyond your typical household goods mover, you can also hire an auto shipper to move your car. If you are moving a short distance then an auto shipper might not be necessary, but if you are moving across the country then an auto shipper may be a better option then spending time and money driving your car to your new home. Like with all our movers, we make sure every auto shipper we work with holds the proper licensing and insurance. Remember to book your auto shipper at least 4 weeks in advance so you can get a preferable move time and date. Also, make sure to check if you need to purchase additional car insurance. Here are some additional tips to consider when hiring an auto shipper.