Nevada Moving Companies

You might be moving within the state or you might be leaving Nevada, but regardless of the type of you are making, you need to hire a qualified Nevada moving company. Let 123Movers put you in touch with Nevada movers in your area. While you are here, check out some interesting Nevada facts below.

Mention Nevada and the neon and glamor of the Las Vegas Strip immediately come to mind, but this state has much more to offer than casinos and professional entertainment. Besides the magnificent scenery and a myriad of available activities, the Silver State also boasts affordable homes and low tax rates.

Beyond the glitz of the Entertainment Capital of the world, America’s seventh largest state has the most mountains of any state. More than 30 of those peaks exceed 11,000 feet. This state was very appropriately named because Nevada means snow capped. Between the mountain ranges, you’ll discover an adventurous landscape that includes forests, rivers, lakes, historic mining towns, guest dude ranches and crop fields.

Nevadans numbered 2.8 million in 2013. Baby Boomers tend to like the slower pace and the reasonable cost of living here. The latest statistic shows median home prices run about $152,800, compared with $174,500 nationally. Although Nevada was especially hit hard by the housing crisis, the real estate market now shows definite signs of bouncing back.

Retirees can also look forward to no state income tax and no inheritance, gift or estate tax, enabling them to spend more of their money on what they want instead of sending a large percentage of it to the government.

Younger people moving here might work in tourism (includes gambling), mining gold or silver, or with hydro-electric power; the three major industries in the Silver State. Companies with the most employees include Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas, the U.S. Air Force, MGM Grand Las Vegas, the U.S. Energy Department and several other casinos. Where ever people are employed, they’ll need to keep cool.

The climate varies widely from north to south with a range from arid to semi-arid. If you like a dry heat, this is the place. The average precipitation, which includes rain and melted snow, averages about nine inches in Elko, to the northeast and less than four inches in Las Vegas, in the southeast. Much of that precipitation falls as snow in the winter.

Gambling tip: In Nevada it is mandatory that video slot machines pay a minimum of 75% back to the player - over the lifetime of the slot machine.