With so many things to do during the moving process, forgetting tasks can happen easily. Whether you are in to writing things down or not, proper planning and preparation is important to a successful move. Often times we forget to handle one of the most important aspects like disconnecting utilities from your old home and connecting them in your new place. Through proper planning, you enjoy the comfort of your new home without being left in the dark.

When you are relocating, cancelling and starting utilities can be touchy situation because it is one of the few bills that attach your name and social security card numbers to your account. One wrong move and it can negatively affect your credit.

Here are some tips that can help make your move more comfortable for you and your family:

Research your Utility Companies' Disconnection Rules

Understanding the terms and agreement of the utility contract that you signed will give you a clear idea of when you should contact the utilities company to disconnect. If you are aware of the terms, there are no surprises and you can plan around it financially. If you are not sure what you should do, you can always reference the utility company FAQ page on their website or call directly for details on disconnecting.

If you are calling, it's a good idea to contact them at least two to four weeks in advance. Letting them know in advance gives you the opportunity to square any unpaid bills, handle possible termination fees, and schedule a final reading of water, gas and electric and meters. Last minute notices can lead to late notification charges that you won't be made aware that can affect your credit and prevent you from turning on utilities in your new home. Conversely, if you have a deposit with any of the companies, you should get this money back before leaving.

Tip: For reassurance, schedule your utilities to be turned off the day after you move out in case you need extra time to complete your move.

Don't leave yourself in the Dark

On move in day, you will want to confirm utilities are turned off in the old home and active in the new home. Although it could be a very hectic day, if you can get your electric, gas, cable and internet up on the same day, life will be much easier moving forward with your move.

If you are using the same utilities company in your new home as your old, communicate with them that you would like to transfer services instead of starting a new account. You will avoid paying termination fees or security deposits. Most utility companies allow you to handle transfers, disconnections, and reconnection services online. Proper timing of utility disconnection can make the difference between a tough and smooth move.

Tip: Know the date for when utilities are due. You could be paying for a month of service you won't be using.

Some Additional Helpful Electronics Tips

  • After you've moved, it's a good idea to let all of your electrical appliances return to room temperature before plugging them in.
  • It's important to tape your microwave shut and remove the glass plate from your microwave before you move.
  • Don't forget these details when inspecting properties: check out where TV, phone and internet connections are located.
  • Along with electricity, make sure you have contacted your internet and cable providers