Self Moving Services

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You might think that when it comes to moving you only have 2 options - hire a moving company or rent a truck and do the whole thing yourself. With a mover you might not trust how they handle your belongings and with the higher costs of their services, but with renting a truck you dread the work that goes into doing all the work without professional help.

But you do have another option. With self moving you get the best of both worlds - you do the packing and unpacking, and the self moving company does the driving. You get to make sure that your belongings are handled with care, you can skip the long drive, and you can save money. The process is simple; the self moving company will drop off a large, weather resistant crate (or more than one if need them) in front of your home, you then pack the crate with your belongings, lock it, and it will be picked back up and driven to your new home.

Because you save by doing your own packing, self moving is a cheaper option than using a full service mover, but a more expensive option than doing the whole thing yourself. It also takes out some of the worry of using a full service mover and removes the stress of having to rent a truck, pack everything up, and do all the driving yourself.