Massachusetts Moving Companies

Moving within Massachusetts or moving out of Massachusetts can be easier if you have a professional moving company to do all the hard work for you. We can help you with your search by putting you in touch with licensed Massachusetts movers. You can also take a few minutes to read the below for some fun facts about Massachusetts.

Who wouldn’t love to live in a place with a state cookie? A chocolate chip one, to boot. Continuing along the sweet treat theme, Newton, Mass. Spawned the Fig Newton and the state’s largest city shows off its namesake, Boston Cream Pie. After sampling all the food this state is famous for, you’re going to need to get outside and work off those calories.

Beaches, wooded parks, parkways and reservoirs all make up the state parks of Massachusetts. Depending on which park you choose, it may have fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, sailing, wind surfing, rock climbing or golfing. All regions in the Commonwealth have their own variety of recreational activities.

Boston, the capital, welcomes more than 12 million visitors each year. Renowned for cultural icons, educational institutions and professional sports franchises, it also has a stellar reputation as a walkable city. One of the first historic walking tours began here. And the Freedom Trail provides an appropriate introduction to Colonial Revolutionary Boston. It takes walkers to 16 historical sites that cover two and a half centuries of America’s significant past. You might bring an umbrella along as Boston averages more than 43 inches of rainfall a year.

Some of the most unique climate in the U.S. falls on the Old Bay State. With four distinct seasons, weather transitions from sunny to cold with snowy winters and an overall humid climate. Temperatures in summer average a high of 80 degrees F while winter may hover right around freezing at 32 degrees F. Summer thunderstorms, as many as 30, tend to roll through quickly.

So that Boston Red Sox game you’ve been planning to see for months will probably only experience a rain delay, not a total cancellation. Besides the Red Sox as reigning baseball World Series Champions in 2004, 2007 and 2013; Boston also plays host to the New England Patriots (National Football League), the Boston Celtics (National Basketball Association) and the Boston Bruins (National Hockey League).

Although this state offers many ways to spend your free time, you’ll probably have to spend some time working. Major companies based in Massachusetts include Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, Staples, Raytheon and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance. If you’re more inclined to work in textiles, electronics, publishing, education, tourism or as a fisherman, this state relies mainly on these industries.

You may well find Charleston Chews and Clark Bars in your office vending machine, candy that also originated from Massachusetts.