Oregon Moving Companies

Whether you are making a local move in Oregon or a long distance move out of Oregon, 123Movers can help you find a qualified and licensed mover in your area. You can also see below and read about what gives Oregon its identity.

Don’t be alarmed when an attendant insists on gassing up your car for you. It’s the law here (and in New Jersey). Just consider the service part of Oregon’s friendly hospitality.

Portland, the largest city, is always garnering awards - most livable city in America, a great arts destination, cleanest city in the country - for its public art, parks and green spaces, breweries and trouble-free transportation system. The rest of Oregon also stands out, with 400 miles of coastal beaches and dunes for outdoor recreation and outstanding wine producers in many areas of the state. The wine industry, with more than 600 wineries, has a $3.5 billion impact on the state.

The tallest point in Oregon, Mt. Hood, offers year-round skiing and other snow sports. Crater Lake, the remains of an ancient volcano, is the deepest lake in the United States.

Although Oregon has a generally temperate climate, there are marked distinctions between the western and eastern half of the state where the Cascades serve as a barrier. West of the cascades mild, wet winters prevail and as you near the coast you may experience as much as 200 inches of rain a year. The abundance of clear nights on the eastern side allows temperatures to drop notably at night, but also climb to 100 degrees and above during summer days.

Because of the varied landscape, an abundance of crops grow here including ryegrass, wheat, onions, Christmas trees, potatoes, berries and tree fruit. The leading manufactured products are electronic equipment like video display monitors, printer components and communication microchips.

According to Oregon Business magazine, the top companies to work for include Perkins Coie, Gentiva Hospice of Portland, Delap, Point B and The Hershey Co. The major industry groups are activewear and outdoor gear, natural resources, advanced manufacturing, high tech and clean/green technology.

When visiting, be sure to include some shopping because you don’t have to pay sales tax here. If you enjoy sporting events, the only professional sports team in Oregon is the Portland Trail Blazers (National Basketball Association). Otherwise there’s plenty of college sports action.

Try marionberries, the berry created at Oregon State University, in a pie for a genuine Oregon dessert experience.