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You will not be in Utah long before you realize its unlike any place you’ve ever been before. Carved from the sandstone bedrock, Utah’s 82,000 square miles are some the most surreal and breathtaking the West. It might surprise some that Utah’s unparalleled natural beauty is complimented by an unique human tapestry. Utah towering rust-colored stone arcs, carved by millennia of erosion, seem to defy the laws of geology and gravity at the same time.

Fittingly, Utah is divvied up between dozens of national, state and local parks. In Arches National Park, near Moab, At Bryce Canyon National Park visitors can ponder ancient petroglyphs scratched into the side of boulders. The skiing in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and the rafting in the alpine streams that run from them are reputed to be some of the best in the world.

A Mormon state, Utah still has a certain cosmopolitan atmosphere. Technology, transportation, and mining are major industries that help the state to continually thrive. Recreation also plays a major factor in the popularity of Utah. Outdoor sports like skiing, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing are just a few things to keep you busy.

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Now that you’re moving to Utah, there are a couple facts you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Utah’s population is 2,233,169. Utah’s capital is Salt Lake City.
  • Utah’s state symbol is a beehive. It represents the industrious, cooperative strength of Utah’s residents.
  • The name Utah is derived from the name of a local Native American tribe, the Utes.
  • Because so much of the state is desolate and uninhabited, the Federal government owns 65% of the land in Utah.
  • The Great Salt Lake in northern Utah is five times saltier than the ocean.
  • Utah has the highest rate of literacy in the nation.