Arkansas Moving Companies

Whether you are moving within Arkansas or to another state, 123Movers can help you find the right moving company for your next move. Just fill out our quote form and movers in your area will reach out to you. Read on to learn a little bit about the great state of Arkansas.

Best known for the Ozarks, Walmart and the beginning of desegregation, the Natural State also has many other claims to fame. The town of Little Rock houses the Clinton Presidential Center, which contains a library, museum and a major venue for local events. Murfreesboro hosts the Crater of Diamonds State Park where more than 70,000 of those precious jewels have been uncovered since the early 1900s. Visitors come to The Hot Springs in the Oachita Mountains because they believe in water’s healing powers.

Often referred to as the Ozark Mountains, the Ozarks is more of a geologic plateau than a mountain range. The plateau stretches across much of the southern half of Missouri and much of the northwestern and north central regions of Arkansas. In the northwest part of the state, you’ll discover hills and winding roads that delight motorcyclists. The clean air, clear lakes and rivers, forests and small towns along the way draw motorists to explore the I-540 corridor. More rural, but still with plenty amenities for travelers, the north central communities of Arkansas attract outdoor recreationists.

Arkansas’ climate remains mild and enjoyable most of the time, although its location makes it a prime target for weather systems coming from all directions. Tropical winds originating in the Gulf of Mexico and summer temperatures rocketing into triple digit make some days sweltering. The state sees as many as 25 tornadoes each spring and they can occur anywhere. Whether you’re at home or work, being prepared is paramount.

Walmart and Sam’s Club hire more than 9,500 people in their corporate headquarters in Bentonville. A major food producer, Tyson Foods, Inc., also has a major presence in Arkansas. J.B. Hunt Transport Services, founded in Lowell, Ark., employs a vast number of residents and vying for fourth and fifth place as top employers are Baptist Health, Inc., a healthcare system and Alltel Corporations, the first American phone company to offer its customers direct dialing for long distance.

The Natural State also produces quartz, spinach and archery bows. Major areas of agriculture include chickens, soybeans, rice and cotton. Electronic equipment, mining of aluminum and diamonds, and the making of paper and wood products are also big businesses.

Fame came to Arkansas via the notorious Southern Sasquatch, a 7-foot tall, 3-foot wide being weighing in the neighborhood of 700 pounds. It is rumored to destroy livestock. The biped, covered with hair, was last seen running across a country road in 2010.