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Do you need an Indiana mover? We can help you find a Local or Interstate Indiana moving company with just a few clicks of your mouse. While you’re here, read below to learn about what makes Indiana a unique state.

The Hoosiers of Indiana bear their nickname with pride even though nobody actually knows how the name originated. Several theories exist, but not one has been proven. Historians say the word “hoosier” has been associated with this state since the 1830s. Still none of the sports teams have a hoosier as a mascot.

Indianapolis, the capitol city, plays host to several professional sports teams. The Indianapolis Colts (NFL) have won two Super Bowl titles (although one was won when they were the Baltimore Colts), while the Indiana Pacers (NBA) made the National Basketball Association finals just once. Men’s college basketball draws a large audience, especially the teams from Purdue University, Notre Dame, Indiana University and Butler University.

The most famous sporting event held in Indianapolis, however, remains the Indianapolis 500 where IndyCar Series’ cars reach speeds of up to 235 mph. While at the Indianapolis Speedway, before or after watching the race, you can visit the Hall of Fame Museum with exhibits devoted to cars and auto racing. Indiana also plays homage to Duesenbergs at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn and Studebakers at the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that auto manufacturing accounts for a quarter of the state’s jobs. GM trucks, Honda, Toyota and Subaru all have assembly plants in the Hoosier State. Engines for Rolls Royce, Cummins and military defense are manufactured here. Employment in the life sciences, like making and distributing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and some plant biology, comes in at a strong second for creating job opportunities.

Because the ports on the Ohio River and Lake Michigan feed into Indiana, and due to its central location in the U.S., trucking, rail and distribution also rank as vital industries. Indianapolis also stakes its claim as one of the hottest places for advertising Information Technology jobs.

The largest employers include ArcelorMittal, a global steel and iron ore producer; Anthem, a large health insurance company; Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical giant, and Steel Dynamics, a leader in the production of steel. Being employed by one of these companies means you can live in one of the most inexpensive 10 states in the nation according to

In 2013 the average home sold for $285,000 in the Fort Wayne Metro area. Overall the cost of living in this state scores well below the national average at 86.4 percent.

Residing in the Hoosier state allows you to experience four distinct seasons and a temperate climate. Temperatures don’t usually fall below 15 degrees F or rise above 90 degrees F.

Attendees always sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” during the opening ceremonies of the Indy500 race.