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If you are more comfortable hiking through a national park than walking down a crowded sidewalk, there is no better place for you than Montana. Montana is big sky country, but that is only because everything in Montana is immense, and more often than not, untamed.

Or course, Montana probably is not the best place to move to if you like your cities big. Billings is Montana’s largest city which is home to just 89,847 residents. Montana’s landscape is breathtakingly unbounded by high prairie grassland, rivers, mountains, lakes, and wildlife.

In the Western part of Montana, where Rocky mountaintops scrape the heavens, you can still see buffalo in the wild at the National Bison Range in Moiese. Seeing wildlife in Montana is not that extraordinary. Scientists have calculated that an average acre of Montana land is home to an elk, a pronghorn antelope and three deer. 8,000 moose are at large in the state, and make sure to keep your deep freezer locked at night: Montana has the largest population of grizzly bears in the lower 48.

Now that you are moving to Montana, there are a few facts you will want to keep in mind:

Montana Moving Information

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State Related Facts

  • The state capital is Helena.
  • Mining used to be Montana’s bread and butter. From the mid-19th century onwards gold, silver and copper drew prospectors and built global companies. In 1888 Helena had more millionaires per capita than any place else in the world. Today, however, Montana’s economy is based on services and tourism is one of the top growing industries.
  • 46 out of the 56 counties in Montana have fewer than seven residents per square mile.
  • For a short period during the ’90s, Montana abolished speed limits on its roads. However, these days the top state speed is 75 mph.
  • Fishing, especially fly fishing, is a passion among Montanans. However, state law prohibits married women from fishing alone on
  • Montana has a few nicknames like the "Treasure State”, “Land of Shining Mountains," "Big Sky Country," and "Last Best Place."