West Virginia Moving Companies

The state of West Virginia is the second most rural in the country. Covered by forest, 80% of the state is filled with its steep topography - towering cliffs and dramatic canyons - to several crisscrossing plateaus.

Though it calls itself "the Mountain State," there are very few mountains in West Virginia. Placed between the Appalachians, West Virginia is the only state in the USA to lie completely within a mountain range. Bordered by five states, some call West Virginia the "southernmost of the North, the northernmost of the South, the easternmost of the West, and the westernmost of the East".

Now that you’re moving to West Virginia, there are a couple facts you’ll want to remember:

West Virginia Moving Information

Moving long distance in West Virginia can be made simple by getting free moving quotes with 123Movers.com. Moving companies in our directory may go through our pre-screening process but we always encourage individuals to go the extra mile to review candidates for your move.

For a successful move, 123Movers.com encourages consumer awareness. Individuals should be aware of their rights as they pertain to the move and the moving company they select. State moving associations, like the Virginia Movers and Warehouse Association, promote the same initiatives.

VMWA promotes positive moving experiences with these tips:

  • Movers are required to have a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity in order to handle shipments 31 miles or more within Virginia and a permit for shipments 30 miles or less
  • Movers are required to publish their rates and charges also known as a Mover’s Tariff. Request your Mover’s Tariff before making a decision.
  • If you need to file a claim after the move, you have 30 days to file from the actual delivery date of the shipment.
  • Get everything in writing.

State Related Facts

  • West Virginia’s state capital is Charleston.
  • State Animal is the Black Bear
  • The oldest sycamore in the world is in Webster Springs, West Virginia.
  • The first memorial building to honor World War I veterans was dedicated on May 30, 1923, in Welch.
  • Declared a state by President Abraham Lincoln, West Virginia is the only state to be designated by Presidential Proclamation.
  • West Virginia’s hot springs have been drawing tourists in need of a good soak for years - centuries even. America’s first spa opened in Berkeley Springs in 1756.