How To Tip Your Mover?

Is it too much? Or is not enough? These are questions you might have after your move has finished and you’re trying to figure out how much to tip the movers from the moving company that you hired.

There are many things that come into play when it comes to analyzing a mover’s productivity and efficiency. Did the move take longer than the allotted time expected? Was it a local move? Was it a long distance move? Don’t just hand your money over to three or four guys who you will never see again (unless you’re using the same moving company of course)?

Regardless of the move however, no mover should be dismissed without $20. In the end, the moving industry is a customer service industry and it’s a tough arduous living. There are things to consider when it comes to adding to that $20, or stick with $20 and provide other things for movers such as food or refreshments.

Was it a long distance move?

Chances are if movers are picking your belongings up and the moving company has to cross state-lines to drop off your things, it’s most likely going to be a different set of movers dropping your things off. This means, and is socially implied that, you tip the movers making the pick-up and as well as the movers making the drop-off. It seems costly but the movers will remember what kind of a person you were and may put some extra effort in your move.

Were there stair cases or obstacles involved in your move?

Are your movers putting in extra effort to safely navigate tight corners or narrow stairways? If so, staying within the higher tip range is appropriate. A careless mover may rush and bang/scratch your walls or staircase, so make sure you show your appreciation for a job well done.

How many movers arrived to perform your relocation?

Sometimes moving companies are shorthanded and can only provide you with two or three movers for your job. If that is the case, it would be kind of you to provide these movers with a little bit extra funds and possibly a pizza pie to replace those calories the gentlemen burned off lugging your couches around, depending how big your move is of course.

All moves vary, whatever the case may be, take into consideration how the movers performed, their demeanor, and any other topic you feel is relevant. Try not to come into your moving day with preconceived notions. The moving company may have been superb with their customer service and their in-home estimates but things change very quickly. Treat the people who are going to help move you as if you just met them for the first time. All moving companies are different, and the moving company’s movers do not always possess the same disposition as their customer service counterparts.