It's an exciting time in your life because you are making a big move overseas. A million questions are going through your mind on top of all your packing and moving worries. So while you research moving companies to help make your international move, make sure you have these 4 things under control before your moving day:

1. Get Support - Register with Your Embassy:
You might think this is overly precautious, but since you may be living in a new country where you have little to no family or friends while also not being an expert in the area, a little precaution can go a long way. By registering, your embassy has a way to contact and assist you in case of an emergency (i.e. something serious like a major natural disaster or terrorist attack). The State Department website also has valuable safety information for regions abroad - like areas to avoid and what types of people are targeted for crimes.

2. Get Access - Research Getting a Visa:
Needless to say, if you aren't already a citizen of where you are moving to, you may need a visa. Since visa requirements differ from country to country, make sure you do the research well in advance.

3. Stay Healthy - See the Doctor Before You Move:
You may be moving to a country where you may be required/recommended to have certain vaccinations before you arrive. Get these shots sooner than later as some immunizations take longer to take full effect. The Center For Disease Control website has a list of all the mandatory vaccinations needed for different countries. Also, get your doctor to fill out something called an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (a record of all your immunizations). Some countries may not even let you visit without one, not to mention that in the extreme case of an epidemic it can come in handy (you can prove that you were immunized for that particular outbreak).

4. Fit In - Dress & Speak Like You Belong:
Depending on where you move, some countries have severe differences in "dress code" compared to the United States. If you suspect this is the case, make sure to research the common style of dress in the country you are moving to. Your mini skirt and tank top might pass for normal in one country but be completely immodest in another. Additionally, you'll want to make sure you are comfortable with the country's native language. Even if you don't have the time to become fluent before you move, at least learn some basic phrases (i.e. "Hello", "Goodbye", "Thank You" etc…) to help make your transition that much smoother.

So now that you have all the important stuff under control, you need to think about the move itself. 123Movers can help you find the right mover for you by connecting you with pre-screened, licensed International Movers. Fill out our quick quote form and you will be contacted with estimates for your move.