ICC MC stands for Interstate Commerce Commission of Motor Carrier which identifies truckers traveling interstate (across state lines). Today, ICC MC Numbers are often not mentioned due to its phase out in 1995 but its credibility and authenticity still stands strong.

What are ICC MC Numbers?
Before Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented USDOT numbers, ICC MC Numbers were the only way to legally validate the credentials of a mover prior to 1995. The ICC MC Number aided in the validity of long distance moving companies moving household goods from one state to the next. Any moving company moving household goods across state lines needed to show their ICC MC Number in the windshield of their caravan.

In 1995, the responsibility of ICC MC was transferred to the Surface Transportation Board (STB). All ICC MC numbers remained active to identify and receive important information pertaining to the owner of each truck.

It’s extremely easy for any mover advertise a fake ICC MC number online or on the windshields of the vehicle. To cross reference the movers ICC MC number, visit US DOT website.

ICC MC Numbers Added Benefit
There is nothing like being reassured that you’ve selected a mover with year’s experience. Today, you can still check the authenticity of a mover by asking if they have an ICC MC number. If the response is yes, it informs you that they have been in business prior to 1995. That’s almost two decades of experience performing long distance moves.

Validating your move will ensure you get the best moving experience possible. Check each mover for USDOT and ICC MC Numbers to make certain of authenticity and validity.